A1 Website Search Engine for Mac

Give your website visitors a search engine that helps them find what they need.

The A1 Website Search Engine tool can create site search solutions. Adding this to your website will help visitors find what they are searching for on your website. This is in particular useful if the website visitor entered your website through a page not containing what they needed. This will help increase conversions if you sell goods or services and improve overall website functionality. A1 Website Search Engine will during crawl index all content and can from that generate an efficient search index. It is possible to build a search engine that can work either by pure HTML/CSS/Javascript - perfect for offline media - or an AJAX solution that fetches search results dynamically.

Changes: Each version contains functionality improvements.

Minimum requirements: hardware requirements same as operating system

Operating system: Mac OS X,Mac Other

Program URL: https://www.microsystools.com/products/website-search-engine/

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A1 Website Search Engine for Mac screenshot


Special permissions

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Published by Micro-Sys(tm) http://www.microsystools.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are very welcome and in fact even encouraged to distribute the complete and unchanged unregistered Product package - even on medias such as CD-ROM and DVD publishings, BBSes, and download-sites on the Internet.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1 Website Search Engine(tm) Copyright (c) Thomas Schulz Published by Micro-Sys(tm) http://www.microsystools.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From here on A1 Website Search Engine is referred to as "PRODUCT" in this document.

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