Microsoft dynamics crm auto number plugin automatic generates unique reference ids for all custom entity along with custom prefix, suffix

This Microsoft CRM Autonumber plugin is an ideal tool that solves the major challenge of managing the numbering system. The Dynamics CRM 2016 Autonumber Plugin will end the need to write complex codes to manage your Unique Identifier of the customer accounts. Install MS CRM Autonumber Plugin and have a hassle free Auto Generated Number System.It is not just the tool that gives you incremental addition. It gives you dynamic addition with control to manage prefix and suffix of your choice. Just assign a pattern and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Auto Numbering will do its magic.Let’s say you would like to assign a specific letter as identifier for the product type. And, you would like to add the creation date of the record in your choice of the format as suffix. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Auto Numbering allows you to manage both these tasks without any coding effort. Assign the pattern you would desire and Custom Auto Numbering Plugin for MS Dynamics will manage the rest. Refer to the screenshots above for more details.If the length of auto generated field exceeds the maximum character limit of the chosen entity field then you need to increase the character limit for that field.

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CustomAutoNumberingForDynamicsCRM screenshot


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