Disk Drill

Mac data recovery software with data protection and backup

Disk Drill is a data recovery software for Mac OS X, it can recover your data from virtually any storage device, including internal and external disks, USB flash drives, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. Disk Drill is also packed with free disk management tools like duplicate file finder, disk cleanup and space visualization, bootable data recovery drive, byte-to-byte backups, disk health monitoring and a lot more! Disk Drill is your truly all-in-one data management solution with the major focus on top-notch deleted file recovery algorithms. Whatever device you lost data on, even if it was formatted or repartitioned, if you can connect it to a Mac, Disk Drill can scan it and has a good chance to recover deleted files. Even if you're currently having issues reading your system hard drive or external device regularly, there's a possibility our data recovery software for Mac OS X can rescue your data. Disk Drill means recovery for all major file types and file systems. The available file recovery algorithms include Quick and Deep Scans, Lost Partition Search, several HFS+ Healing Algorithms and more. Our app is ready to rescue your documents, photos, videos, audio files, etc. Deep Scan knows more than 200 various custom file formats. Disk Drill also does hard drive recovery for RAID arrays and Fusion Drive technology - all in a minimal user-friendly interface. Moreover, if you install Disk Drill before any data gets lost, you can benefit from its free data protection features. There are two major technologies offered by Disk Drill to prevent accidental data loss: Guaranteed Recovery invisibly makes copies of deleted files and folders you put in your Mac's Trash; Recovery Vault keeps records of all metadata for deleted files, so that they can quickly be recovered with their original names and locations. Disk Drill also cares about your disk health! S.M.A.R.T. and I/O disk-level errors monitoring warns you of any potential hard drive troubles.

Changes: * New: redesigned and significantly improved iOS data recovery engine and the representation of the recoverable items * New labelled files: MP3, EMLX, TIFF, XLSX, DOC/DOCX, RTF * Critical fixes when creating boot drives for recovery on macOS 10.12.x, including recent betas * Deep Scan file signatures: improved M4B audiobooks, improved DV and MXF videos, improved FLAC lossless audio * Clean Up mode updated with multiple fixes and enhancements * Duplicate Finder module gets a boost with hundreds of internal improvements * Improved recovery of micro-files of 0+ bytes * Improvements in managing and copying recoverable items from the mounted virtual drive * Fixed blinking and disappearing Gear icon that prevented accessing advanced settings per drive/partition * Stability fixes in Deep Scan on ExFAT partitions * Better handling of M4B audiobooks * Improved priority setting in Duplicate Finder * Improved sorting and grouping of the found items * Improved searching and filtering of the found items * Better preview of DOCX and XLSX file types * Fixed some occasional crashes with HFS+ partitions scan

Minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.8.5+

Operating system: Mac Other,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac OS X 10.6,Mac OS X 10.7,Mac OS X 10.8

Program URL: http://www.cleverfiles.com/mac-data-recovery.html

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPl46jdPgkw

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The release of version 3 is powered by new highly efficient data retrieval methods helping anyone get their data back if the hard drive is still spinning. Disk Drill for Mac has also been enhanced with all-new iOS and Android recovery modules.