DocFlex XSD II

XML schema doc-generator in various formats with diagrams from XMLSpy/OxygenXML

DocFlex/XSD is a toolkit to generate high quality XML schema documentation in HTML, RTF and TXT (plain text) formats with a possibility of automatic inserting of XSD diagrams produced by XMLSpy or Oxygen XML (with the full support of diagram hyperlinks). The entire doc-generator is implemented in the form of special 'XSDDoc' templates interpreted by a Template Processor with interchangeable output generators. The templates are edited using a graphic Template Designer with WYSIWYG capabilities, which allows you to customize the generated output as much as you want. Using TXT output, you can also generate documentation in other formats (e.g. DITA) by specify in templates all necessary markup (tags, control words etc). This includes even inserting diagrams and image maps to them. FEATURES - Clear-cut highly navigable HTML documentation: Javadoc-like frameset structure, dense layouts (more information in less space), abundance of cross-links. - The same documentation in RTF format (convertible further to PDF). - Any number of input XSD files specified by URLs, file pathnames or Ant-like file patterns; full support of schema imports, inclusions and redefines; support of XML catalogs. - A unique method of documenting of local element components allows for a single approach to various XML schema design patterns. - Reliable processing of huge XML schemas of any complexity comprising tens of XSD files with thousands of components. - Use of XHTML tags in XML schema annotations to format descriptions in both HTML and RTF (including inserting of images). - Integrations with Apache Ant/Maven, XMLSpy, Oxygen XML Editor - Possibility of unlimited customizations; special support. - Flexible licensing: you can start using it even now and for free! - Proven technology: 10+ years in development; chosen by 100+ organizations (including government bodies, standards associations, banks, IT-companies etc.) as their main XML schema documentation tool.

Minimum requirements: Java 1.4 or later

Operating system: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64,Linux,Mac OS X,Java

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