Container loading and truck loading online applicaiton. 10 days for free!

Container loading and truck loading software. (also called as container loading calculator) Easy to learn, thanks to short tutorial videos. With live like interactive 3D visualization. Thanks to "see through cargo" you can now explore inside of your load plan. Included manual load plan adjustment feature will help you to tune up position and rotation of any cargo item. Cargo items can be set non-stackable and non-tiltable. Over 10 000 items of 250 types can be set to be loaded. Use up to 50 priority groups and order based on unload destinations. Imperial(US) - inches, pounds and Metric - centimeters, kilograms units option. Description can be printed right on cargo items and then presented in load plan report. Also you can create non-stackable groups for items that should be self stackable only. Or you can separate loaded groups with virtual wall to divide load more strictly. You can chose if you want to insert total weight or per item weight. You can also create multiple cargo space reports. Look "inside" your load plant to create step by step load plan print reports. Load plans can be saved on server and shared with other team members, customers or vendors. EasyCargo also supports weight distribution calculation for 2 or 3 axles trailers and trucks with semitrailer. And also import from MS Excel file. Available on-line without any additional installation. How it works, see YouTube video: http://youtu.be/xFAGKL5oUp8 Or lear more here: http://www.easycargo3d.com/how-to-load-plan-videos/ EasyCargo calculator is provided as a service for year or month subscription and also on daily bases. Order 10 day package and you can chose a day and plan your loads from 3,5 EUR (4.8 USD) Full version 10 days for free!

Changes: Manual load plan adjustments available right in the load plan result.

Minimum requirements: Pentium 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM

Operating system: WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Other,Mac OS X,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac OS X 10.6,Mac OS X 10.7,Mac OS X 10.8,Windows 8

Program URL: http://www.easycargo3d.com/?partnerCode=956204

Video: https://www.you.be/xFAGKL5oUp8

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- Manual load plan editor in applicaiton - position and rotate items as you wish - Speed up same boxes placement - Other fixes

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EasyCargo is available for the first 10 days for free and than is provided as a service for monthly or one-year subscription fee. Newly per day licence 3,5 EUR (10 days is minimum order)


EasyCargo logo Effective utilization of cargo space Terms and Conditions Description of the Service EasyCargo is a web-based load optimization software. Your use of the Service is your sole risk. The service is provided on “as is” and “as available” basis, however Provider Bee Interactive s.

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