MacOS Text Messenger Program for USB

Mac SMS Texting App for USB Modem sends national and international text messages

Software supports to create job alerts, notifications, group messages, etc. and mostly helpful for SMS marketing in business where SMS in bulk need to send to the customer for company's advertisement. Software connects multiple USB modems into the PC and select the appropriate phone number for transmit the messages to multiple persons. Bulk SMS software not uses the internet or WIFI connection for transmit the unlimited messages with PC. Bulk SMS create through the excel file, text file and add or paste the content manual into the Mac SMS software. Software composes Bulk SMS to the thousands of individuals at same time and supports to USB modem with Mac machine. Mac SMS software enables the skip duplicate contact numbers from list while sending the messages and also supports (non-English) Unicode characters. USB modem support Bulk SMS software compatible with all versions of Mac machine. SMS software is user-friendly and provides time-delay features for transmit the messages. Software saves the sent messages into sent items to forward to another groups or individuals to save the time of users. Steps to send SMS using USB Modem: Step1: Download SMS Software: Download and install the USB modem SMS software in computer or laptop. Step2: Connect USB modem into PC: *Install the particular driver software compatible to USB modem in PC. *Connect USB modem with PC. Step3: Add numbers and message in bulk: *Add contact numbers individually with text field or add numbers in bulk by load the excel file from computer storage. *Create multiple content message for every contact persons with excel file in software. *USB modem Software allows copy the contact numbers from USB modem software. *Messages can be excluded from the list. *Sent messages save into the sent items. Step4: Send Button: Send button is available in software to send unlimited messages in software.

Changes: Added Support for Latest Mac OS X, MacOS and all other Apple Mac Operating System Updates. Added Support for High DPI resolutions Compatibility. Added new Bulk Text Messaging Technology. Added additional Features to import contacts or messages from Excel Sheets.

Minimum requirements: All Apple Mac Operating Systems

Operating system: Mac OS 12,MacOS 11,MacOS 10.12,MacOS 10.13,Mac OS 10.14,MacOS 10.15,Mac OS X,other Apple Mac OS

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