EULA: Pizzicato Professional

Compose your own music intuitively.

1. With this license agreement, ARPEGE SPRL grants you to use PIZZICATO on one computer at a time. The software may be installed on all your personal computers, but may be used only on one computer at a time. The Pizzicato software and all its copies are owned by ARPEGE SPRL.  You possess the media (DVD) and the paper manual if included in the package you have bought.  ARPEGE SPRL keeps any other right not expressly given to the user.

2. The PIZZICATO software, its paper manual, the full screen help and the music course are protected by the international laws on copyright.  You can make a backup copy of PIZZICATO.  The copyright of ARPEGE SPRL must be clearly written on that copy.  Any copy done with another purpose is strictly forbidden.  Copying the manual or printing help pages or music course lessons may be done only for strictly personal and private use of the person who bought the license.

3. All PIZZICATO versions have a license and a serial number.  Those numbers are only intended for the person who bought the license (the user).  The user engages himself not to communicate those numbers to third parties and if not respected, the license will be cancelled as well as all its related advantages.

4. For the shareware version of PIZZICATO, the user engages himself to use PIZZICATO Shareware only during one month starting from the date of the first installation of PIZZICATO Shareware on his computer.  If he wants to continue to use it after the first month, he engages himself to pay the basic license fee, as explained by the Shareware version dialogs.

5. ARPEGE SPRL guarantees the DVD and paper manual (if provided in the package you bought - not for any electronic version) for a duration of 90 days starting from the purchase date, so long as any possible defect has not been caused by bad treatment by the user.

6. You may transfer this license to somebody else, provided you give him the manual and the DVD.  You must then destroy any other copy of the software you possess and you loose the right to use PIZZICATO.  The person to whom you transfer the license must of course read and agree with the present agreement.  ARPEGE must be notified by letter or email about this transfer of license.  Any other way to proceed is forbidden.

7. You may not decompile, disassemble or modify (in any possible way) PIZZICATO or any of its parts.  You may not adapt, translate, rent, lend or copy (except for backup purpose) PIZZICATO or any of its parts.

8. ARPEGE SPRL does not give any guarantee about the conformity or ability of PIZZICATO to fulfill any given function.  The user accepts PIZZICATO as it is.  In no case will ARPEGE SPRL nor its staff or resellers be held responsible for direct or indirect damages (lost opportunity, lost data, activity interruption,...) due to using PIZZICATO.  The responsibility of ARPEGE for any damage suffered by the user will never be more than the price paid for PIZZICATO, whatever reason is invoked.

9. ARPEGE SPRL keeps the right to cancel the present license agreement without warning if the user does not respect the above points.  In that case, the user engages himself to destroy PIZZICATO and all copies he possesses.  The user may also cancel this contract by destroying PIZZICATO and its copies.