TechSEO360 for Mac

Complete crawler for site audits and sitemaps including video, image and HTML

Complete crawler tool for SEO website audits including content, internal linking and broken references. Can also create all kinds of sitemaps including XML with hreflang, video, image, RSS/ROR, text, custom HTML/CSS/Javascript, DOT for visualization graphs and more. No fixed upper limit for number of URLs in website - practical limit depends but usually beween 100.000 and 1.000.000 pages. Easy to filter scan results, view and export selected data to CSV and similar tools. Crawler engine can be highly configured to follow custom rules for which pages to crawl and which URLs to include in results. Supports scheduling through a rich command-line interface.

Changes: Misc. updates and bug fixes.

Minimum requirements: hardware requirements same as operating system

Operating system: Mac OS X,Mac Other

Program URL:

TechSEO360 for Mac screenshot


Special permissions

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Published by Micro-Sys(tm) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are very welcome and in fact even encouraged to distribute the complete and unchanged unregistered Product package - even on medias such as CD-ROM and DVD publishings, BBSes, and download-sites on the Internet.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------- TechSEO360(tm) Copyright (c) Thomas Schulz Published by Micro-Sys(tm) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From here on TechSEO360 is referred to as "PRODUCT" in this document.

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