bighorncattle Photo Recovery For Mac

Recovery due to deletion, formatting, merging partitions lost files.

It's a non-destructive professional multimedia recovery software applicable to Mac OS or Windows OS. It helps you to save the missing multimedia data in Mac hard disk, removable storage media(SD card, USB driver, digital camera, mobile phone, ipod, MP3\MP4 player, external hard disk drive) resulted from delete, formating, repartition or merge-partition (including image, video and audio files). Key Features: ●Support data recovery in hard disk or removable storage medium of HFS/HFSP, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, FAT16 file system; ●Support recovery of three types of files: image file (such as bmp\jpg\png\tif\tiff\gif, etc. ), video file (such as avi\wav\mp4, etc.), audio file (such as mp3, etc.); ●Support delete recovery, formatting recovery, missing partition recovery, merger or delete partition recovery, accidental missing recovery; ●Create image file for disc drive or removable storage medium (which means a copy of storage medium), avoid destruction to data in storage medium resulted from reading data in storage medium which loses data due to other process or human factors; ●Scan and recover missing files by loading image file; ●It's can save scan session information; ●Recover data by loading and scanning session information file.

Changes: First release

Operating system: Mac OS X,Mac Other,Other

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